Quick question…

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Did you know Alex & Leila Hormozi once offered $350,000 for ONE HOUR with a mentor?

Alex revealed this recently on the podcast “Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal”.

Here's what he said...

“She (Leila) offered one guy $350,000 for an hour. 

So I could just learn from him, y’know...

We’ll spend whatever it takes to learn anything. It’s always been the highest return for me…

Every penny I’ve made comes from knowledge. 

And if I can buy someone’s ten years…

If I can save a year of my life for $350,000… 

Why would I not spend that?

Let me ask you this...
If you had the chance...

Would you take it?

That's what I want to explore with you today. 

But before we get started, you're probably wondering who I am.

My name’s Alex Berman. I’m a 7-figure entrepreneur, investor, and business owner.

And together with my business partner Robert Indries, I run a suite of companies that have generated more than $10 million in revenue for us… and more than $100,000,000+ for our clients.

I’ve been featured in Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur. I’ve exited 4 SaaS companies and built many more.

And I've helped thousands of entrepreneurs start and grow their own online business.

Like Alex Schreck, who took in over $100,000 in 3 months after we helped him with his cold email and sales process
Dennis Yu, who used our Twitter10k course to 10x his engagement and make $5,827 in one weekend...
Chris Poitivient made $15,000 by following the information my YouTube videos...
And Marc Lou made over $100,000 for his startup with my strategies

Anyway... That's so not interesting...

But this is...

Why is Alex Hormozi willing to pay as much as $350,000 for only ONE hour of time with a mentor?

Why is he so "bullish" on mentors? 

Because almost all of the greatest people in history believe MENTORS are one of the driving reasons for their success.

Check it out...

Bill Gates credits part of his success to his mentor, Warren Buffet…

He said Buffet taught him how to deal with tough situations and how to think long-term.

Mark Zuckerberg was mentored by Steve Jobs.

He said in a final farewell post to Jobs on his Facebook wall, Zuckerberg wrote:

“Thanks for showing that what you build can change the world.”

Egyptian Pharaohs…
Roman Emperors like Marcus Aurelius…
Even Kings from across Europe had mentors.

Andrew Carnegie, J.P Morgan, Henry Ford, and other titans of the Industrial Revolution spoke openly about being mentored and having mentors.

The “old-money elite” families of Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, and Rothschild.

The list goes on… And I’m going to tell you why in a second.

But first, I want to ask you this…

How many people do you think are successful with online business?


Let’s assume they bought a great course from a great teacher.

They’re given all the information they need. 

The step-by-step plan. Exactly what to do.

A big fat red line on a map going from A to Z. All they have to do is execute.

How many do you think…

  • Have a business they run (not one that runs them)…

  • ​A team they can trust to do what’s needed (without micromanaging every step of the way)...

  • ​Steady and predictable cash in their bank every month (without endlessly chasing clients)…

  • ​Pay for the whole table at dinner and take care of their parents… (and smile - not flinch - when they see their bills)...

  • ​Travel to exotic and amazing locations all over the world… (and not stay in $20-a-night hostels while they do it)...

Not many, apparently…

I read a Forbes article from Neil Patel recently that said 90% of online businesses fail within the first 120 days.

And world-leading policy advisory and research firm Startup Genome reported the same in a 2019 study, claiming 11 out of 12 startups fail.

So what’s the difference...?

What do the people who “make it” have that you don’t? 

I believe it's because they have access to...
  • The step-by-step roadmap to get where they want to go
  • ​The right course of action to take when their stuck
  • The mistakes to avoid that everyone else will crash right into
  • ​The little “tricks” only years of real-world experience can teach
  • ​And more insider knowledge than Nancy Pelosi’s connect
That said, I can understand if maybe you're skeptical.

So I want to address the giant pink elephant in the room.

We both know there’s only a small percentage of people who can make their success happen...

I call them “The Doers”.

They’re the kind of people who get stuck in and make it happen until they build a life they designed for themselves…
  • A profitable business they run (not one that runs them)…
  • ​Steady and predictable cash in their bank every month…
  • A team they can trust to do the work without micromanaging…
  • ​They pay the bill for everyone on a night out…
  • ​They take care of their family and friends…
  • ​They travel to locations all over the world…
As for the majority of people…?

Let’s imagine their business is a car…
  • Their car is almost overflowing with fuel – actionable information
  • ​They’re staring directly at the roadmap to success
  • They know exactly what direction to take
  • ​It’s all marked out with a big fat red line from A to Z
But they never set anything in motion and drive.

They’re stuck in park... They aren’t “doers”!

And look...

You’re here. You're taking action. So I believe you’re a “doer” like me. 

And if so, you'll know this: Even “The Doers” like us have problems…

Think about the courses around these days. Most are absolute fluff.

Not something a "Doer" can actually use for success. Even if they applied themselves every day.

Let me know... Does this look "course structure" look familar?

... Write daily affirmations.
... Journal when you wake up.
... Journal before bed.
... Journal on the toilet.

Maybe get something done after your 3rd cold shower and another 30 minutes of Wim Hof breathing exercises.

Especially people selling cold email courses.

Sure, there are some great cold email courses out there. But most of them... 

Look, here’s something you probably already figured out:

Most of these “courses” are made by newbies at best. They use this “mindset” fluff to fill out their courses.

They aren’t real practitioners.

Some of them even have the balls to rehash old content from pirated courses they found on Reddit!

They don’t know the long-term consequences of their tactics, like high client churn and burning domains.

And they spout random “facts” that aren’t based on data or testing, like “Open tracking kills deliverability”.

(Side note: It doesn’t. That’s a myth. We tested it by sending literally thousands of emails)

most of these courses are Near impossible to follow Unless You Have someone helping you one-on-one!

And the worst courses out there...?

Almost all the information is taken from YouTube videos I put out in  2017 – freely available to you or anyone else.

(unbelieveably... this has happened before!)

Follow these “courses” at your own risk…

You’ll be sending scammy emails to people who don’t want to hear from you…

Getting seriously angry replies – if you get ANY response at all…

Not to mention burning through domains faster than a forest fire.

You’ll be lucky to sign one client.  And if you did…

You’ll inevitably have to chase them around the countryside to get paid.

The worst part is… You know you were ripped off.

You know you just got scammed by another fake guru “get rich quick” scheme. And I think we can both agree… That feeling sucks!

Now… How do I know all this? Because I’ve bought their courses. I’ve tested their tactics. And I’ve already implemented what works into our continually updated systems.

So alright… 

Maybe you “The Doers” like yourself fail with online business because of these crappy courses?

Sure, it would be nice to put all the blame on scammy courses. However, we can’t. 

And here’s why:
  • EVEN if you have access to step-by-step actionable courses with strategies and tactics that work now…

    Like Email10k, Twitter10k, SalesmanX, and our 8 other in-depth offerings…

  • ​EVEN if you have a map directing you from A to Z with a giant red marker... At some point in the journey...

Every entrepreneur needs help to take their business and life to the next level…

That’s why almost every successful person in history credits at least some of their success to mentors!

Heck... Like I said earlier... The Hormozi’s are willing to spend up to $350,000 AN HOUR for mentors!

That said… If you’re a “Doer” like I think you are…

If you’re someone who knows there is no “magic button” to instant million-dollar success and fistfuls of cash…

If you’re sitting in your "car" and want the fuel...

(aka the step-by-step roadmaps with big fat red lines from A to Z that dodge almost all the roadblocks)

AND the “co-drivers” to get you to your destination…

(aka the mentors and exclusive peer-to-peer mastermind) 

Maybe it’s time you took The Email10K Mastermind.

Wait… Alex… What the Hell is The Email10K Mastermind?!

Glad you asked, my friend!

Buckle up and I’ll tell you all about it. 

Are you ready?

The Email10K Mastermind is our new Private Mentorship and exclusive Peer-to-Peer Mastermind community packed full of “Doers”.

Whether you want to go from $0-$10k per month (with or without case studies)…

Or take your business from $200,000 per year and double or triple it…

Or have so many leads your calendar is booked out for months…

The Email10K Mastermind has what you need to achieve that.

Inside The Email10K Mastermind, you will get access to every course we have ever made and every course we ever WILL make.

Plus you’ll join an exclusive new peer-to-peer mastermind of high-value business owners and freelancers to keep you accountable, on track, and help you succeed.

AND you will get weekly mentoring from me and my business partner Robert.

(our private corporate clients pay up to $22,499 per year for this – with access to only ONE of our courses, and no community – but more on that later)

You’ll get access to everything we’ve developed and refined since 2015.

Every system, template, and strategy.

Every trick, tactic, and angle.

For cold email… Twitter… LinkedIn… cold calling… sales… onboarding and delivery… hiring and firing…

Our entire $100,000,000+ system at your fingertips.

Now, you’re probably wondering…

Why are you doing this Alex?

Another good question, my friend! And here’s the answer:

It’s much more than just helping people change their lives.

It’s that, too. For sure. But there’s more to it. 

You see, I’ve helped thousands of people change their life online.

Like one of my students, Ram Laguitan.

He’d been trying to make it in business since 2018.

Dropshipping… Affiliate marketing… You name it - He tried it. Nothing worked. And he was feeling more stuck than ever.

But just a few weeks after joining Email10k…

One of the 11 courses you’ll get if you join The Email10K Mastermind today...

He passed the $10k per month mark without even noticing it!
And there’s Jordan Robertson.

He already had a successful company that was growing.

But he knew in his gut it could grow more.

I gave him concrete step-by-step instructions and a no-fluff plan to exceed his yearly goals.

Soon they were on track to make double what they made the year before...
And Matteo Favaro. 

He had a quick call with me and implemented what I suggested right away.

He told me that because of our call, and all the content I’ve been putting out for years, he got incredible responses from his cold email campaign.

He had prospects telling him “this was the best cold email I’ve ever received!”

With a unique response rate of 43.28% to boot.
But from the thousands of entrepreneurs we’ve helped succeed…

There are the ones who didn’t succeed.

And it would drive me crazy not knowing HOW to help these “Doers” – who should be successful!

But over time I noticed a pattern…

In almost every case "Doers" like us fail because of one of three reasons:

  • They have no “roadblocks cleared” as-direct-as-possible path to get from A to Z

  • They have no friends with shared ambition around them. No friends on the same journey as you to push them, help them and keep them accountable

  • They have no mentors to guide them when they get stuck, ready to answer the hard questions
If you have any one of these problems your chances of making it are reduced to almost 0.

That’s why I created The Email10K Mastermind. To be your solution to all three of these problems in one place. 

So you can finally wrestle back control and build the business and life you've always wanted!

However… And this is a BIG however… 

The Email10K Mastermind is NOT for everyone!

Look… You need to know this before I tell you more. 

Because I don’t want you to join if you’re not ready. It wouldn't help you. And it wouldn’t be right for me to take your money.

So… Before we jump into the nitty-gritty details, I’m going to ask you three questions. 

Simply answer yes or no in your head. Or out loud if you want. No judgment here. But you may get strange looks if you’re in public.

Anyway. Here we go…
  • Are you ready to invest just 2-3 hours per day, 5 days per week to grow your business profitably while being mentored by myself and Robert?

  • Are you ready to be part of an active and exclusive new Peer-to-Peer Mastermind of ambitious entrepreneurs and help others succeed while they help you do the same…?

  • Are you ready to take your step-by-step roadmap, put yourself in drive, and follow the big red marker line of success from A to Z (aka: Do the work)...?
If you answered yes to all three questions stay with me. 

Because it’s about to get interesting for you.

If you didn’t answer yes to all three questions, don’t feel bad. Not everyone is ready for The Email10K Mastermind. But you CAN get yourself ready:

Just follow the advice in my free YouTube videos.

And when you can answer “YES” to all three questions I asked earlier… I would love for you to join us in The Email10K Mastermind!

Anyway, all that said…

Here's a bit of what you will get when you join The Email10K Mastermind today…
  • The “insider secrets” that our team and our students are using right now to book meetings with “Golden Geese” companies…

    These are companies that make between $5 million and $150 million per year…

    And they are DESPERATE for your help...

  • Weekly mentoring and coaching calls with me where I will personally hold your hand, answer your questions, remove any roadblocks, and coach you to success.

  • ​Exclusive access to our exclusive new one-of-a-kind Peer-to-Peer Mastermind with the hundreds of other “Doers”.
Let's dig in a little bit here, because this is important.

The man who wrote "Think and Grow Rich", Napoleon Hill, once wrote…

“In my research, while organizing The Science of Success, I had the collaboration of practically every outstanding successful man this country has produced during the past 50 years.

And I can tell you definitely that their success was due in the main to their knowledge and application of the mastermind principle.”

And we’ve all heard the saying…

"You’re the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with."

This is one of the most important principles of our new mastermind. And I think in life. Here's why:

You must surround yourself with people who are where you are and pushing to grow…

People ahead of you who can help pull you up…

And people where you used to be that you can help.

This final point is really important… Why? 

Because the best way to help yourself is to help others. 

It makes what you learn and put into practice stick in your brain like glue.

And the feeling you get from helping others is incredible, right? 

It’s one of the reasons why I do what I do. And I’d love to share that with you.

Anyway, what I'm saying here is this: Do not underestimate the power of a mastermind group! 

That said...

Here’s more of what you’ll get when you join The Email10K Mastermind today:

Instant unlimited access to every 

Cold Email University, originally sold for $497:
  • Find clients for your SaaS or Agency without spending a cent on paid ads
Email10k, originally sold for $1,497:
  • Skip the line! How to grow your 10k+ per month agency even if you have no case studies, no experience, and no service to sell.
SalesmanX, originally sold for $797:
  • Discover the secrets to closing million-dollar deals (I personally closed more than $1,000,000+ to create this one-of-a-kind training!)
Twitter10k, originally sold for $497:
  • Grow your personal brand on Twitter in record time and get clients chasing you (we grew a Twitter account from 0 to 10,000 in 48 HOURS with this method).
LinkedInX, originally sold for $497:
  • We have made millions on LinkedIn… And this is our exact step-by-step process you can model to do the same.
VentureMage, originally sold for $497:
  • Go where the money is. Find venture capital on auto-pilot and raise millions for your startup… or millions for startups desperate for funding (and take a healthy cut!).
2XRaise, originally sold for $497:
  • Get paid what you’re worth. Learn how to secure a 200% OR MORE raise at your job.
IC Framework, originally sold for $26:
  • Not a USA native? Here’s how to sign American clients and 10x your income
Agency Lead School, originally sold for $497:
  • How to generate burning hot leads for your agency on command – without relying on cold email
Agency Action Plan, originally sold for $497:
  • Follow this 11-week step-by-step daily action plan to start your digital agency from absolutely nothing.
Agency Growth Masterclass, originally sold for $997
  • Take an agency from $0-$10k… from $10k-$25k… from $25k-$50k and beyond… And build your team so you can live the “4-hour work week” lifestyle.

A total value of $6,796.00 of step-by-step “A to Z” roadmaps – All included, with unlimited access – when you join The Email10K Mastermind today!

But it doesn’t stop there… Because you will also get unlimited access to every course we make in the future - at no extra cost to you!

Let’s compare that to what we offer our corporate clients through our 7-figure agency, X27…

For the price of $22,499 per year they get:

  • Mentorship from myself and Robert
  • ​Exclusive entry into a private community
  • ​Unlimited email support
  • ​World Class Content To Bring Leads in Less than 60 Days
  • ​Proven Cold Email Scripts To Get Them Started Immediately
  • ​Follow-up Scripts to Make Sure Every Opportunity Is Dealt With Effectively
  • ​Case Studies With Back and Forth Emails That Lead to 6 Figures Deals
  • ​Proposals and Contracts that Brought over 7 Figures in New Business for Our Companies
  • ​LIVE Demos with me Closing Deals and Answering Sales Objections, Step by Step
And access to ONLY ONE of our courses. 

They pay us $22,499 per year for this.

You will get ALL of the above inside The Email10K Mastermind…

  • PLUS an extra $5,299 in courses...

  • ​PLUS ALL our future courses and updates (for the lifetime of your membership!)

  • ​PLUS one-on-one onboarding and consulting with an Agency Expert

  • ​PLUS the advantage of our exclusive new Peer-to-Peer Mastermind community

    (which these corporate clients do NOT have access to!)

You will get more than $32,497.00+ of real value...

For only $197 per month! 
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ONLY $32,497.00+ $197/month

That's a frankly ridiculous 1.54% the price our corporate clients pay... 

(while getting MORE than they do)

And a definitely ridiculous 1.07% of the value of everything offered!

But there's a catch...

Listen, not long ago the price of membership to The Email10K Mastermind was $297 per month.

But in order to serve you and our Fastlane members better and increase your chances of success we had to increase the price to help cover the costs of running The Email10K Mastermind

And unfortunately the cost to run The Email10K Mastermind keeps rising.

So if you don’t join today there’s a good chance that when you come back, the price will be higher.

It could be $397. Or even as much as $497.

But I can guarantee you that the price will NOT be any lower.

There's only ONE way to lock in the price of $197 per month for the lifetime of your membership...

Click the button below and join The Email10K Mastermind now to "lock in" the price of your membership for a minuscule $197 per month forever!
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ONLY $32,497.00+ $197/month

I want you to imagine your life 6 months from now...

From this moment now there are two ways your life could go… 

Life Choice #1

You don’t join The Email10K Mastermind and lock in your membership at $197 per month. 

You decide to keep going on your journey alone with a mentor or mastermind. 

You spend thousands on course after course filled with 90% fluff.

You waste hours on Google, YouTube, Quora, Reddit, forums, and Facebook groups desperately searching for the answers to your thousands of questions.

You struggle with motivation because you’re not getting any wins.

You keep the same people around you who don’t understand what you’re trying to do and always whisper that you won’t succeed.

And you watch the price of The Email10K Mastermind continue to rise.

Maybe you stumble across some success… Maybe you don’t.

But it’s definitely the hard way. Or…

Life Choice #2:

You click the button below that says “Join The Email10K Mastermind Now”...

You get personally mentored by myself and Robert…

You get access to every step-by-step no-fluff course we have ever made. And every course we ever will make…

You join a private and exclusive Peer-to-Peer Mastermind packed with “Doers”...

You get any and all your questions answered by people who have been there and done that…

You surround yourself with dedicated entrepreneurs who will support and encourage you…

And because you’re a “Doer”... You take massive following the proven information inside.

Look, whether you want to go from $0-$10k per month and beyond - with or without case studies…

... Or take your agency or business from $200,000 per year and double, triple, or quadruple it…

... Or have so many leads your calendar is booked out for months… 

You will arrive at your destination. 

And possibly much faster than 6 months from now. Why?

Because you will have instant access to everything you could ever need to get you where you want to go!
ACT FAST! The price will rise soon!

ONLY $32,497.00+ $197/month

So now, the choice is yours…

Sure, you can stay where you are. You can do things the hard way.

Or you can choose Life Choice #2 and join The Email10K Mastermind now. 

Take action and live a completely different life in just a matter of months.

And all of this with your membership locked in at only $197 per month.


I’m not saying you’ll make millions - even though it’s possible if you follow the steps in our courses.

But what I am saying is if you want your life to look completely different from what it does now… 

In just a few short months…

While dodging almost all the roadblocks on your journey…

And with myself, Robert, and our exclusive new Peer-to-Peer Mastermind community guiding you the entire journey…

Click the button below this video to join The Email10K Mastermind and get started on your road to success now.

I’ll see you on the inside....
ACT FAST! The price will rise soon!

ONLY $32,497.00+ $197/month

Cancel anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have no idea where to start or what to do?
We’ve got you covered! 

Following our courses such as Email10k, Agency Action Plan, and Agency Growth Masterclass will help you narrow down your market and your niche, and find a winning offer to scale.
I’m an agency owner/business owner/freelancer. Is The Email10K Mastermind a good fit for me?
The Email10K Mastermind is made for people like you! 

Whether you want to 3x or 4x the yearly revenue of your agency or business or find more clients than you can handle, you will have access to the step-by-step proven courses, peer-to-peer mastermind, and mentorship to get you there.
How long will it take for me to get results?
That all depends on you! But one thing is sure: If you do the work and follow our step-by-step courses, you will see results. 

We’ve had students go from $0-$10k per month in less than 30 days. 

We’ve had agencies grow from $200,000 per year to $600,000 per year in 90 days.

We gave them everything to succeed, just like we will for you. But ultimately, your success depends on your consistency in applying our proven methods, asking questions when you’re stuck, and putting it all into action.
Can I cancel at any time? Is there a cancellation fee?
You can cancel your membership to The Email10K Mastermind at any time. No hidden fees and no contracts.
Will this help me sell more?
Yep, it sure will! And not just the step-by-step roadmaps in our courses, or the weekly mentorship calls with myself and Robert.

Our exclusive new Peer-to-Peer Mastermind community is filled with entrepreneurs and agency owners who have “been there and done that”, and who can help you sell more than you ever imagined.
You said the price will go up. When will that happen?
We are increasing the price by $50 every 10 days. 

Once we reach $447 per month, we will be restricting entry to only a small number of new members per month

And future members may have to go through an application process.

If you want to secure your place in The Email10K Mastermind without going through a membership application and for a ridiculously good price, now is the time!
ACT FAST! The price will rise soon!

ONLY $32,497.00+ $197/month

Student Testimonials

ACT FAST! The price will rise soon!

ONLY $32,497.00+ $197/month

ACT FAST! The price will rise soon!

ONLY $32,497.00+ $197/month

ACT FAST! The price will rise soon!

ONLY $32,497.00+ $197/month

ACT FAST! The price will rise soon!

ONLY $32,497.00+ $197/month

ACT FAST! The price will rise soon!

ONLY $32,497.00+ $197/month